What is GeoToolbox? How does it work?

GeoToolbox is a compact web portal that enables users to easily geocode addresses, check and correct addresses by professional geocoding service providers and use the dynamic tools to calculate optimal routes for different vehicles, and generate service areas based on imported address data.

Generally user needs to log into GeoToolbox, and all steps and operations within it are quite clear for related work requirements.

Do I need download and install software to use GeoToolbox?

No. GeoToolbox is a web-based geospatial intelligence tool. After you sign up, you will get a unique link and account information, just start to use on latest browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, IE etc.

Which countries can I map?

GeoToolbox supports geospatial data mapping service globally. 


Can I try your software? Any limitations?

Yes! Just sign up on GeoToolbox website, you will get a 15-day free trial to all its features. 

Does GeoToolbox have any discount for education or non-profit groups?

Yes, GeoToolbox welcomes education and non-profit organization for their study or researches. Please contact GeoToolbox support by for our detailed plan.

What other discounts does GeoToolbox offer?

GeoToolbox offers discount when you subscribe for a yearly or long-term plan. While we also provide discount based on some different situations, just contact us for a latest plan.

What payment methods does GeoToolbox accept?

GeoToolbox accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and (upon request) wire transfer and invoice.  

To arrange authorisation for payment by wire transfer and for further payment information, please contact the GeoToolbox support team by email:

Account & Plan

Which plan package should I choose?

Choose a plan according to user numbers, storage volumes, and geocoding times needed. Your data package is supported to upgrade anytime if your plan needs to be updated.

If you can’t decide which plan is perfect for your needs, please feel free to contact GeoToolBox support team by email: for technical guidance. GeoToolBox professionals are available to assist you in selecting the best plan to fit your requirements.

What should I do if we want to change our plan package?

To upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your price plan, please contact GeoToolBox support team by email to for technical guidance.

Note: When an account is cancelled, the account and related data are permanently deleted. So, please back up your data before deciding to cancel your subscription.

Can our company add more users after selecting user plan?

Sure. Please contact GeoToolbox support on the website or by email to We will assist you to complete the procedure.

Can I host GeoToolbox on my own servers?

Yes. Besides web link access, GeoToolbox is flexible if you like to host on your server. For its details, please contact GeoToolbox support.


What kind of data does GeoToolbox require?

When importing address data into GeoToolbox, it supports data in CSV format.

Can I edit or filter data after importing into GeoToolbox?

Yes, GeoToolbox allows to manage data mapping result by filtering, adding, editing and deleting the original data. 

What data can I export from GeoToolbox? What about the data formats?

All the data about geocoded addresses, calculated routes and generated areas within GeoToolbox can be exported eventually. Data formats vary from CSV, KML to Shapefile. 

Is my data secure in GeoToolbox?

Yes, GeoToolbox hosts the servers in the data center on dedicated instances, which are isolated and secured against internet cyber-attacks. And all our operations comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) strictly.